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June 16 - Nova RS

Smart design for an efficient ink transfer

The AkeBoose Nova RS chamber systems have an ink reservoir, which means they can be used without an external ink pump. Just a small volume of ink is required for the system to run.

The slim chamber geometry has fluent outlines, cutting down cleaning efforts considerably. It is nearly impossible for ink to remain in the chamber when being evacuated, since the chamber has no corners or edges.

Like all AkeBoose chamber systems, the RS chambers are equipped with the patented tool-free blade clamping, allowing for quick and easy changes of doctor blades and end seals and assuring a secure and straight fit of the blades in the chamber.

The "Kiss Impression" doctoring with little pressure of the chamber towards the anilox roller makes sure that the blades wipe the ink on the anilox roller effectively and evenly, while still being smooth to the ceramic coating of the anilox roller. Also, the low-pressure principle is beneficial for the blade and seal lifetime.

The Nova RS chambers are ideal for use in UV based narrow web printing.
They can be integrated with existing suspension systems in the label printing press.

The first plug-and-play Nova RS chambers have already been installed at printers with Nilpeter FA presses.

Sounds appealing to you? Contact the AkeBoose Team for more information. 

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