June 22 - Doctor blade holders for gravure printing
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June 22 - Doctor blade holders for gravure printing

Precision doctoring with reduced operating costs

The doctor blade is at the heart of the rotogravure printing process. It wipes excessive ink directly from the printing cylinder from where the ink is transferred to the substrate. Traditionally, a 40 mm or wider doctor blade with a lamella profile is required to achieve the necessary ink metering precision. Given a typical printing speed of 15 m per second, a printing width of usually more than one meter and frequently 10 printing decks, the doctor blade consumption accounts for a considerable proportion of the running expenses.

AkeBoose’s patented blade holders systems offer the chance to cut down the blade costs significantly without compromising the print quality. The blade holder is integrated in the existing blade clamping system in the gravure press, so no technical conversion measures need to be taken. The blade system features a very thin metering blade between 0.065 mm and 0.152 mm thickness to accommodate different print quality degrees. The necessary stability to withstand the contact pressure against the cylinder is achieved by a back up blade. Only the very inexpensive 10 mm wide metering blade needs to be changed regularly, while it offers up to 50% more service life than the “normal” gravure doctor blade.

Besides the well-known and long-established strip blade holder system, AkeBoose has also invented the vibration-free NewEdge blade holder, where doctor blades can be clamped perfectly straight without any tools and which is very easy to clean.

The unique sensitivity and straightness of the AkeBoose blade holder system reduces the doctor blade pressure, resulting in fewer blade changes, less downtime and substantially prolonged cylinder life.

Do you want to cut down costs AND achieve high quality print results? Then contact the AkeBoose Team.

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