June 24 - EPQ 200 pump system

June 24 - EPQ 200 pump system

Easy to handle pumping unit for optimal ink circulation

The EPQ 200 pump system is the perfect match for not only AkeBoose chamber systems. The system features two pneumatic membrane pumps. The dedicated supply pump including pulsation damper transports the ink with a steady flow to the chamber, which allows a uniform print result. The return pump transports the ink back to the ink container. The advantage of a return pump over gravity return is that the chamber does not get over-pressurized. Both pumps have a speed controller to make sure that the ink circulation is balanced. To support a quick and easy cleaning of the chamber system, the supply pump can be inverted, so that the chamber can be evacuated quickly and completely through both supply pump and return pump.

The handling of the EPQ system in daily operations is very easy: The three operation modes Inking, Standby and Evacuation are selected with a hand lever. The pump system can simply be cleaned together with the chamber by circulating washing detergent instead of ink.

For use with solvent based inks, the EPQ 200 system can optionally be equipped with ATEX-certified pumps. In case very aggressive inks and/or detergents are used, the system can also be equipped with an extra robust and wear-resistant check valve and diaphragm.

Sounds like a suitable pump system for you? Then contact the AkeBoose Team.

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