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June 20 - Nova XLS

Inking excellence with Nova XLS

An asymmetric chamber design, in combination with the low-pressure doctoring, is one of the secrets to achieve the highest possible productivity and economy in the printing house. Much longer blade life, no back doctoring and no scoring of screen rollers are immediate paybacks.

Optimized blade angles for both working and sealing blade eliminate problems with back doctoring and ink spitting, reducing ink losses and down time for cleaning significantly. The low-pressure doctoring principle reduces wear of doctor blades and end seals considerably.

The mechanically locked position of the chamber also allows the use of thinner, round edge doctor blades resulting in very low running expenses, even at high speed printing in flexible packaging.
The patented and user-friendly blade clamping system requires no special tools, levers, compressed air or special maintenance. Only an open blade slit, with ease of access, to keep clean!

The advantages of the Nova XLS system briefly summarized:

  1. Corrosion-safe stainless steel technology
    more rigid than carbon fiber chambers
  2. Light as carbon fiber chambers
    with just 6 - 8 kg per meter
  3. No back doctoring or ink spitting
    thanks to optimized blade angles
  4. Versatile integration options
    to match anilox roller diameters from 104 - 312 mm
  5. Longer blade life
    thanks to low pressure doctoring
  6. Rapid blade changes
    with the patented vibration-free and tool-free clamping system
  7. Easy cleaning
    thanks to the smooth interior design

 Sounds too good to be true? We can assure you it is real. Get in touch with the AkeBoose team!

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