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About the company

In 2016 AkeBoose Graphic Products celebrates 40 years as a provider of inking and doctoring systems for flexo- and gravure printing. Over the years, AkeBoose products have been highly prized for its Functionality, Simplicity and Cost Efficiency. An asymmetrical chamber design, in combination with the low pressure doctoring, is one of the best kept secret to achieve the highest possible productivity and economy in the printing house. Much longer blade life, no back doctoring or no scoring of screen rollers are immediate paybacks.

Products from AkeBoose Graphic Products are made from stainless steel to meet the harsh conditions within the printing industry, using inks and detergents with extreme pH values etc. Core values are clear function, clean design, minimal care and low operating costs to make everyday life easier for the printer.

Today AkeBoose Chamber Systems and Doctoring Systems are well established as OEM and retrofit equipment among leading flexo printing houses and manufacturers of flexo printing machines all around the world.

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Our vision

Products made by AkeBoose will deserve international credit for pioneering work to improve the world of inking for flexo and gravure printers.

The AkeBoose business idea is to develop, produce and market ink metering systems and services for flexo and gravure printing. Our mission is to make everyday life easier for the printer by providing smoothly functioning and cost efficient ink metering systems of superior quality and design.

Our aim is to contribute to the long-term success of our customers by focusing on the specific needs of each individual customer and by continuously improving all aspects of our business operations.

Our history
AkeBoose Graphic Products was established in 1976 by the Swedish engineer Mr. Åke Bööse in order to develop the Strip-Blade doctoring system for gravure and flexo printing.

1972    As R&D engineer at the Bonnier Media Group Mr. Åke Bööse develops the first doctor blade holder prototype for gravure printing. The "quick-blade change" concept was patented the same year.

1976    Åke Bööse Utvecklings AB was founded. Mr. Åke Bööse starts the development of a complete range of Strip-Blade doctor blade holders and in the same time working as a consultant at the Graphic Arts Research laboratory in Stockholm.

1986    The clean wiping Strip-Blade doctoring system first commercial launch.

1988    The company makes its first appearance at the PAC-PRO Exhibition in Düsseldorf and the international break through is a fact.

1991    Åke Bööse starts to develop a complete chamber system together with the printing machine designer Jan Stenqvist.

1992    The first FlexoCompact chamber systems are installed in Sweden and Finland.

2000    The joint venture company FlexoCompact AB was established by Åke Bööse and Jan Stenqvist in order to develop and promote the FlexoCompact chamber system.

2002    After two successful years FlexoCompact AB ceases trading since the two owners have been unsuccessful in achieving a shared view of the way the company's business should develop.

    Åke Bööse Utvecklings AB is changing name to AkeBoose Graphic Products AB to make a clearer statement about the company's profiles and products on the global market. The chamber system known as FlexoCompact chamber system was renamed AkeBoose chamber system Classic.

2004    Chamber System Nova concept was introduced. A very rigid and light weight chamber

2005    Automatic Chamber System feeder (forward/backward) optional feature for AkeBoose Chamber Systems.

2007    Doctoring System NewEdge was tested and introduced.

2008    Chamber System Nova Compact, especially designed for narrow web applications, was introduced

2013   Introduction of the Chamber System Nova Compact Medium for bigger anilox roller diameters

2016    40 year anniversary of  AkeBoose company

2018    Relocation of the company to Germany and change of name to AkeBoose GmbH

Our location
AkeBoose GmbH is located in Celle, a picturesque town in Lower Saxony, Germany. This location at the heart of Europe offers an excellent infrastructure to serve the global business network. The 1600 sqm production premises have been modernised in 2018 to ensure highest production standards and state of the art product quality.