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AkeBoose FOCUS-old!

The best kept secret is an Asymmetric chamber design, in combination with thinner doctor blades!

About 10 years ago the first truly asymmetric chamber NOVA XLS was introduced by AkeBoose Graphic Products. The Swedish engineer Åke Bööse had found out that different blade angels are the key to eliminate problems with back doctoring. The results also proved to be even better when using thinner doctor blades. By using a high quality sealing/retaining blade of 0,15 mm thickness, at a flatter angle, the thin and flexible sealing blade allows superficial ink droplets on the screen roller, to re-enter the chamber, instead of dripping down or spreading side-ways to the roller ends. 

What is back doctoring?

Back doctoring up, 800pxlx72dpiBack doctoring – Upward face
Right: Symmetric chamber with back doctoring
from the sealing blade on up-travelling print unit.
Left: Asymmetric chamber without back doctoring

Back doctoring down, 800pxlx72dpi

Back doctoring – Downward face
Right: Symmetric chamber with upper doctor blade
collecting overflow ink that will drip down over the roller ends.
Left: Asymmetric chamber without back doctoring

Read more about NOVA XLS and its unique asymmetric design, with optimized blade angles of both working blade and sealing blade

7 great reasons for choosing NOVA XLS Chamber System

  1.   Stainless steel technology
  2.   Light as carbon fibre chambers
  3.   No back doctoring or ink spitting
  4.   Many chamber profiles to match optimal blade angels
  5.   100 % longer blade life
  6.   Rapid blade change
  7.   Easy cleaning

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