June 25 - End-seal development

June 25 - End-seal development

Presented by our sister company, Agergaard Graphic Supplies:

Application-specific end seals for optimal performance

The exciting thing about end seals is that though they might not look spectacular, they play a crucial part for an effective and smooth function of the printing deck or coating unit. That small end seal unites a lot of know-how about how the respective printing application works, about materials science and about suitable production methods to make a high-performance seal.

Our ambition is to provide our customers with end-seal solutions that offer the best performance for their individual requirement. The goal might be to extend the seal lifetime as much as possible, in other cases the seal might need to withstand special chemicals or should be able to cope with varying pressure.

Accordingly, we design a suitable end seal concept in close dialogue with the customer, drawing upon a well-proven pool of high-quality materials and extensive best practice knowledge from the industry. Our materials and production technology are subject to constant reviews to identify potential for improving performance. On our in-house test unit, we make endurance tests and check new developments thoroughly before they are released for further testing on the market.

We support a number of press manufacturers with our end-seal technology. Likewise, special developments on a smaller scale are also possible: for instance, we have designed and produced a small batch of vulcanized rubber seals for an offline-coater, for which the machine manufacturer no longer offered the spare parts supply.

Are you interested in a special seal for your printing application? Contact the Agergaard team!

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