June 17 - High-speed end seals
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June 17 - High-speed end seals

Presented by our sister company, Agergaard Graphic Supplies:

Sealing chambers effectively for longer

Today's high-tech printing technology allows increased printing speeds, frequently far beyond 600 m/min in wide web printing. Such printing speeds demand a great deal of end seals, given the increased friction and heat evolving in the process.

Agergaard has specialized in the production of high-performance end seals for many years and is putting much focus on developing reliable end seal concepts that keep the chamber tight while offering an advanced lifetime even in challenging printing environments.

The road to success requires taking into account the respective printing parameters and choosing an appropriate end seal concept. For high speed printing, we recommend three sealing solutions with enhanced anti-frictional properties from the Agergaard portfolio:

coatSEAL NW 2.5D for UV
A stable foam seal with a beveled seal top and an optimized contact zone between the seal and anilox roller, ideal for UV inks.

coatSEAL AIR80-PTFE solvent
A memory-effect rubber foam seal with a coated seal top, ideal for solvent based inks.

coatSEAL Universal for all inks
An extremely wear resistant and versatile molded rubber seal that fits to all ink and coating types.

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