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40 years of inking excellence

In 2016 AkeBoose Graphic Products celebrates 40 years as a provider of inking and doctoring systems for flexo- and gravure printing.

Over the years, AkeBoose products have been highly prized for its Functionality, Simplicity and Cost Efficiency. An asymmetrical chamber design, in combination with the low pressure doctoring, is one of the best kept secret to achieve the highest possible productivity and economy in the printing house. Much longer blade life, no back doctoring or no scoring of screen rollers are immediate paybacks.

Optimized blade angles for both working- and sealing blade, eliminates problems with back doctoring and ink spitting, reducing ink losses and time for cleaning significantly. And the Low pressure doctoring principle reduces wear of doctor blades and end-seals considerably.

The mechanically locked position of the chamber also allows the use of thinner, round edge doctor blades resulting in very low running expenses, also at high speed printing in flexible packaging.

The patented and user-friendly blade clamping system requires no special tools, levers, compressed air or special maintenance. Only an open blade slit, with ease of access, to keep clean!