Our technical solutions

AkeBoose Graphic Products is a global provider of high quality inking and doctoring systems for flexo and gravure printing. Our mission is to make everyday life easier for the printer by providing smoothly functioning and cost efficient ink metering systems of superior quality and design.



Stainless steel technology
Products from AkeBoose are primarily made from stainless steel to meet the harsh conditions within the printing industry, using inks and detergents with tough pH values.

Quick and precise doctor blade changes
All doctoring systems from AkeBoose are equipped with quick and easy blade clamping systems, design
to keep doctor blades and sealing blades in precise straightness and doctoring angles constantly.
No special tools required and very easy to keep clean.

Low weight principle
A sturdy suspension system, in combination with a detachable low weight ink chamber, is vital for a safer working environment. The weight of a NOVA XLS chamber is only 6 – 7 kg per meter, which makes it one of the lightest ink chambers on the market.

7 great reasons for choosing NOVA XLS Chamber System

  1.   Stainless steel technology
  2.   Light as carbon fibre chambers
  3.   No back doctoring or ink spitting
  4.   Many chamber profiles to match optimal blade angels
  5.   100 % longer blade life
  6.   Rapid blade change
  7.   Easy cleaning

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Low pressure doctoring

Or "Kiss impression touch" is a discinctive feature of all AkeBoose chamber systems, as doctor blades and end-seals are not being used as bearings. Every chamber, with its blades, is running at a minimum of pressure against the screen roller, due to a mechanical looked chamber positioning system, reducing wear of doctor blades, end-seals and screen roller significantly. 

Asymmetrical chamber with no back-doctoring to the left

Back doctoring down, rightBack doctoring up, right

Optimal blade angles, asymmetric chamber
Optimal blade angels with asymmetrical chamber design
The truly asymmetrical NOVA XLS chamber system, with
optimized blade angels for both working- and sealing blade,
eliminates effectively problems like back doctoring,
scoring of rollers and ink spitting. 

Thinner doctor blades for better microwiping
Extra ordinary straightness and flatness is the key to Low pressure doctoring and AkeBoose HiQ Doctor Blades are carefully selected from the highest qualities of Swedish strip steel. All AkeBoose products are designed to use thinner, high quality doctor blades with Round Edges as standard for better microwiping at lower running expenses in flexo- and gravure printing.

What is back doctoring?

Back doctoring up, 800pxlx72dpiBack doctoring – Upward face
Right: Symmetric chamber with back doctoring
from the sealing blade on up-travelling print unit.
Left: Asymmetric chamber without back doctoring

Back doctoring down, 800pxlx72dpi

Back doctoring – Downward face
Right: Symmetric chamber with upper doctor blade
collecting overflow ink that will drip down over the roller ends.
Left: Asymmetric chamber without back doctoring

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