We had two great exhibitions in September 2019: Envase 2019 in Buenos Aires and LabelExpo in Brussels

In Argentina, we presented our products at Envase Alimentek 2019 in Buenos Aires together with our new partner, Olmer Giusti Soluciones Integrales.And in Belgium, of course we joined LabelExpo in Brussels, in a shared booth with our sister company Agergaard Graphic Supplies.

Our main exhibit for Labelexpo were our Nova Compact chambers, which are very fitting for most label printing applications. They are specifically designed for printing widths of up to 1m. The system is highly precise, but very simple and economic. 

The low-pressure doctoring principle increases the life-time of end-seals and doctor blades, thus reducing down-times and overall running costs for the user.

As we showed at the exhibition, we can also supply these systems with a protective PFTE coating to facilitate cleaning the chamber.

We are very happy with the feedback that we got from customers and agents from all around the world, and are looking forward to meeting you again at the next exhibition!